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For the next few weeks I’ll be talking about saying YES to new opportunities, to improve your life, career, business, change your situation or embark on something new. It seems in this season all we ever say on an individual and organisational scale is NO, WAIT, NOT ANYMORE AND NEVER. “No” is first and foremost a fear response, most useful in situations of genuine danger. It’s something you say instinctively and protectively to a 3-year-old when he’s about to pull a lamp off a table and onto himself or to a 15-year-old who announces she’s planning to take up cliff jumping. In situations like those, the instinct to say “no” serves us well. Roy Baumeister refers to this phenomenon as “bad is stronger than good.” “Survival requires urgent attention to possible bad outcomes, but it is less urgent with regard to good ones.” The problem with “no” as a starting place is that it polarizes, prompts defensiveness and shuts down innovation, collaboration and connection.


Not long ago, while working with a team of senior executives, I introduced an exercise that fell outside their expertise and comfort zone. I knew from experience that all of them were fully capable of mastering the task if they were simply willing to look at the problem in front of them in a fresh way. Many of them did exactly that, but several fell short. I suggested to one of those who struggled that I could help him complete the exercise successfully. His answer was a flat “no.” I’m pretty persuasive, but I could not convince him to give my approach a try.  “I just can’t do that,” he told me. “Never could, never will.”

When “no” becomes a dominant voice in our heads, it acts like an autoimmune disease, shutting down our own possibilities. When a leader starts with “no,” he shuts down others. Fear, anger or resignation set in, all of which kill creativity, increase distrust and discourage engagement.

When you say YES with assurance, all the resources you need will fall into place so that you can achieve your goal. Although it seems profoundly simple, many times you can talk yourself right out of an amazing new product creation, event, adventure, service or trip. This usually happens because of fear. Many people are afraid of the unknown, afraid to take risks, afraid of something new. And yet at the same time, deep down, they are secretly desiring to live a SUCCESSFUL life.

SAYING YES can literally change the course of your destiny.


  • Saying YES is DECIDING. When you make a decision to say YES, things begin to happen. In some cases its big things happening in big ways for you. You can always find a way!  You can break all kinds of impossible barriers if you just say YES and DECIDE. Decide to say YES…to what you really want.
  • Saying YES is DETERMINATION. Your success is only as big as your determination.
  • Saying YES is DREAM MANIFESTATION. When you say YES you open yourself up to many avenues and opportunities to manifest your dreams.  Your ‘yes’ begins to frame your future and cause your dream to form in a storybook formation.


  • Is it investing in business coaching? Saying YES to hiring a lifestyle and business coach positions you to play a bigger game.
  • Do you need to say YES to manifest your dreams?
  • Do you need to say YES and commit to finishing something? Wouldn’t you agree it’s time you tied up all the loose ends? Maybe your business is one finished project from exploding to new heights. Say YES to finishing that book, developing that product, booking that engagement, re-branding your business…FINISH IT, so you can move forward to bigger and better opportunities.
  • Do you need to say YES to starting something new? This is the best, most exciting and sometimes scariest place to be. Starting fresh and new produces new outcomes. Don’t talk yourself out of a new venture. Go for it!
  • Do you need to say YES to opportunities that lead you closer to your dreams? Say YES to investing in information that will change the seasons of your life.
  • Do you need to say YES to a relationship? Say YES to relationships that celebrate you and push you forward!

Is your success on hold?  It’s time to SAY YES!

1.     Consider all opportunities: When faced with overcoming a new challenge or opportunity, instead of considering all of the reasons why you CAN’T win, ignore the negativity and consider the opportunities that are hidden in plain sight.
2.     Make a list of what’s possible: The fastest and most effective way to find new opportunities once you’ve said YES is to make a list of what’s possible and register quick wins which builds confidence and will make it possible for you to tackle the onerous parts.
3.     Say it aloud: Your words are like seeds, they are carrying out what you truly believe in your heart. Once you’ve said YES, say it so that you can hear it. Speak what you want into your life.
4.     Take inspired action: Once you’ve said YES, you have to take inspired action.  Remember that everything you desire is on the other side of what you’ve been hesitating to do.  Say YES to doing whatever it takes to make it happen in your life. Get started, stay the course and finish strong.
5.     Set your intentions: Your intentions direct your perspective. When you say YES and set your intentions on accomplishing a goal or dream, then you’ll begin to see all the opportunities, resources, people who can help you make your dream come true…as opposed to paying attention to the obstacles, hindrances and problems that may be there too.
6.     Eliminate fear: Saying YES can sometimes mean taking a fearless approach to achieving your dreams. Fear can cloud your judgment and paralyze your actions.  You must think and act positively to receive positive results.
7.     Commit: Saying YES requires you to commit. Without commitment, what you really want will always elude you. Your commitment is shown through your thinking, what you say and how you act.

What do you need to say YES to?

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